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About Almanach

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to inform you that the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products has been issuing a journal called ALMANACH since 2006.

ALMANACH is a quarterly intended for people who are professionally associated with health protection, i.e. physicians, pharmacists, responsible persons, or other institutions interested in the issues that the Office explores.

We try to retain the same sections in every ALMANACH issue. These sections contain reliable and objective information on:

  • current Office operations (Office Announcements and News);
  • medicinal products for human use (Medicinal Products);
  • medicinal products for veterinary use (Veterinary Medicinal Products);
  • medicine devices in general (Medicine Devices);
  • biocidal products (Biocidal Products).

It is worth noting that ALMANACH is not associated with any commercial projects - therefore, information contained in the journal can be as objective as possible and consistent with the current state of knowledge. It is also possible to present issues such as adverse reactions of medicinal products reliably. 

Having been present on the market for many years, ALMANACH has the basis for applying for being classified in national and international indices - therefore, we took appropriate measures that resulted in the fact that ALMANACH has been rated using the ICV (Index Copernicus Value) for three years and using the PBN (rating values given by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education) for a year.

For the most part employees of the Office are authors of journal articles, which results from the specificity of the journal, as well as the willingness to ensure transparency of the Office operations. The latter is achieved by sharing detailed information on the statutory activities of the authority.

ALMANACH is available by subscription only.

To subscribe to ALMANACH, please fill out the order form (Subscription), send it by e-mail or fax, and make a payment of 47.52 PLN/copy by money transfer to the following account:

Polish Pharmaceutical Society

ul. Długa 16, 00-238 Warsaw

Millennium S.A. account no. 29 1160 2202 0000 0000 2770 0281

(postal or transfer order must include the title of the journal and the address it should be shipped to)